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Our Human Capital Development Services unit provides innovative and holistic solutions that address human capital development needs for hotel, tourism and leisure industries in Nigeria. As a recognised market leader, we have a unique view into what matters—and what works—when it comes to building and managing talent for the sector. We will work together with you to make your business more competitive and empower your people with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver excellent service to globally accepted standards. Our lead consultants have sound knowledge and experience of international best practices and local contexts, and which informs any intervention that we design and deliver.

We provide the following targeted interventions at the executive and associate level for hotels and other related sectors:

Advisory Services for Human Capital Development

Customer satisfaction and profitability are two business objectives that depend to a large extent on the quality of human capital available to that business. Our advisory services provide business owners with transforming strategies and tools to build high performance teams that are critical for competitive advantage.

Hotel Quality Management Solutions (Hotel QMS)

Hotel QMS is a bespoke solution developed to efficiently manage the high cost of quality failure inherent in a hotel’s physical structure, operations and human resources.

It involves the identification of all activities and tasks needed to maintain a desired standard of service excellence throughout the hotel.

The challenge of opening and operating a hotel can be a daunting one, especially when one considers all the minute details that have to be checked and certified fit for service delivery.

More often than not, operational deadlines take priority over the task of ensuring that the finer details in the physical structure, processes and human resources are fit for the intended purpose.

The lack of professional knowledge on the part of owners and operators often leads to shortcomings that lead to guest dissatisfaction. It is important that hotel owners and operators are aware of all the possible shortcomings in their business in order to apply timely and more cost-effective remedies.

Our Hotel QMS will provide you with the following outcomes and benefits:

  • comprehensive documentation of all identified gaps between the actual and the desired level of performance
  • improved revenues through the delivery of higher quality standards;
  • operational cost savings through timely advice on the right materials to use for the
  • facility;
  • reduction in maintenance costs;
  • increased guest satisfaction and a reduction in guest complaints.

Hotel Operations Management Programme

Our programme uses the HOTS (Hotel Management Simulation Training) software to provide hotel managers with a complete and holistic practice-oriented learning environment. Working in competing teams, participants will be able to make decisions across all areas of the business to understand the impacts business decisions have on the entire organisation.

Cultural Intelligence

Working in a multicultural environment, such as the hospitality industry, requires a real effort to understand the cultural backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes of guests and co-workers. Our Cultural Intelligence programme is designed to develop your associates’ cultural intelligence and so help them work effectively with people who are different from them.

Hospitality Leadership and Management

Our Hospitality Leadership and Management programme is targeted at a heads of departments and other senior staff in the hospitality industry, to provide a strong foundation and equip them with the key decision-making and leadership skills required to enable them to excel in their roles. A post-programme component is designed to reinforce learning and to help managers translate knowledge into practice.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a wide range of craft-based training programmes in conjunction with our trusted training partner - Wavecrest College of Hospitality - a leading provider of hospitality training in Nigeria.

Our programmes are customised for each client’s organisational needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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