A Review of Current status of Hotels listed in 2019 Pipeline Report

Our ‘Pipeline’ report has just been published, showing a total pipeline of 401 new hotels due to open between 2019 and 2026, with just over 75,000 rooms. Of those, 110 deals were signed in 2018 and the first couple of months of 2019, accounting for 18,651 rooms.

Do you really want a robot to deliver your room service order? There have been a couple of reports
recently about hotels in Asia and their experiences with robot staff, both positive and negative

A recent report from the Lagos State government said that Lagos had a record December, with spending of more than NGN50 billion (that’s about US$140 million, or US$4.5 million each day) in the hospitality and
entertainment sector, mostly over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Just when we thought we had just about everything thinkable in terms of business ideas related to the sharing economy, up springs coworking spaces. We shared cars with Uber, our homes with Airbnb, and now we work together.

The chairs in the lobby, the front desk, the tables in the restaurant, and what goes on top of them (plates, glasses, silverware etc.), and in the bedroom of course there’s the bed, and the sheets and towels, and so on. In the industry, we call it Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E). Simply put, FF&E is the big stuff, OS&E is the small stuff.

Belinda Nwosu co-hosted a Roundtable on Human Capital Development for the Hospitality Industry

Read her article on the outcomes of the discussion…

Interview with Matthew Weihs, Managing Director of Bench Events


Frequent travellers will be wondering how any hotel can be amazing. Despite all the hype, airport hotels are pretty samey, are they not? Large, busy, soulless; guests are ‘processed’ through the system, and leave soon after arriving, without being noticed very much. Well, this hotel is bound to be busy, but the other adjectives surely won’t fit at all.

Another successful run of the Hotel HR Forum took place last Wednesday, 19th September, 2018. It was an engaging discussion about diversity in the workplace.

Nkechi Juwah, an HR Transformation and Talent Expert, facilitated the session. With her experience as HR Director in several Nigerian and multinational companies like Cadbury Nigeria, Honeywell Group, British American Tobacco and International Breweries, Nkechi gave incisive and practical tips for managing diversity in the workplace.
One key phrase stood out and that was “Diversity Fuels Innovation”. In a country like Nigeria with over three hundred ethnic groups, the tendency to stick to the familiar is an ever-present danger that we all, and especially HRs, need to be aware of. The truth be told, where there is a concentration of one ‘type’ in an organisation, the tendency for group think increases. Everyone has something to contribute, and it is a severe handicap when everyone around is a mirror of the others.

There was a lively session where participants spoke about their experiences with diversity. We listened to real-life examples that helped everyone rethink their position on respect and acceptance, especially with people who are (or think) differently from us. One example related to ageism and how resumés of people over 50 are given a default rejection. Another HR followed her gut instinct and now has a 60-year old associate who outperforms younger associates with his drive and energy. Someone else spoke about sexism and how a newly recruited female manager met with stiff resistance (women don’t work in this position!) but who ended up achieving consistently higher levels of performance than her predecessors.

How do HRs work at fostering more inclusive and open recruitment practices that allow the best candidates to emerge? How can this be achieved without unconscious bias seeping into every decision. And how does one manage hotel owners and senior managers who impose their candidates on the hotel?
Well, perhaps self-awareness is one place to start. Taking an unconscious bias test (there are loads of free tests online) is helpful for identifying where we might need to adjust how we view others. Then it might be a good idea to extend this to the whole team by organising diversity trainings. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to become more self-aware. Then, with self-awareness comes the opportunity to effect the changes necessary for building a healthier work environment. Truly, people really do not appreciate just how corrosive these biases can be, and the HR can go a long way in helping to bring this to the fore and eliminate the bias.

The good news is that one participant at the forum took a bold step, and on getting back to the office, conducted a diversity assessment of her hotel. Work in progress? Definitely. But there seems to be a lot of promise for the future in this area.
See you in December!

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