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27th September 2017
Yenagoa, A Chinese food-free zone

Should you ever find yourself in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State in Nigeria, I can recommend a Chinese restaurant there which is well worth not going to. Should you have a craving for Chinese food (like I did), don’t go to the Sweet Tomatoes restaurant on Azikoro Road – go instead to a supermarket, […]

27th September 2017
Hotel Presidente, Luanda

I’m staying at the Hotel Presidente, the old one at the north end of the Marginal. Great views of the bay (which is fast disappearing, as they sand-fill – catch it while you can). Apart from the strange shade of green paint that they have used (at some time in the past, a painter stood […]

27th September 2017
Arriving in Luanda 2

I just came into Luanda again (did someone say “masochist”?) and the left hand lane went the fastest, as it was feeding into three desks.  Yes, I know, it’s a bit sad to get excited about things like this, but it keeps me going). If you’re travelling with other people, elect the biggest one of […]

27th September 2017
Arriving in Luanda

Just arrived Luanda. Hasn’t changed (yeah, well, see below, this was 2008, it’s a bit different in 2010) – total chaos in the arrivals hall . If you can, dress as an American football player when arriving here – you might get less bruised. You’ll get the idea when you see the entrance – as small […]

27th September 2017
Arriving in Malabo (where immigration gives you the finger)

I flew from Lagos to Malabo, the island capital of Equatorial Guinea, last week. Malabo airport is a distinct improvement from the muddy concrete hut I remember from six years ago. All the same, it’s the first airport I have arrived at where the immigration officer gives you the finger. We’re off the plane, and I’m first in the queue […]

27th September 2017
So what were three guys doing in my hotel room at 1am?!

Real life, huh? Can you believe it? You watch the TV sitcoms, and think “how silly, it could never happen”. Read on. The safe in my hotel bedroom won’t open. Inside is stuff I need, passport, air ticket, money, spare toothbrush, a used train ticket, yesterday’s socks and a boiled sweet, the things you just […]

11th February 2013
TTT Exclusive: Soy sauce drought hits Lagos

Reports emerging from the Centre of Excellence, aka Lagos, reveal that an alarming shortage of soy sauce has hit the city. Our intrepid resident, Trevor the Ward reports in a state of shock. ” I no lie! It's a true! The Oriental Hotel, that Chinese built, owned, designed, outfitted, cuisined(?!), get the gist, it's PRC […]

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