wpid-ifc2[1]Our client, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), is part of the World Bank Group. IFC have long been involved with the hotel and tourism industry in developing countries, both as an investor/lender, and as an advisor, as part of their Investment Climate and Privatisation activities. The hotel and tourism industry is recognised as a major creator of jobs, in all sectors, with a high multiplier effect, and with particular impact on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

W Hospitality Group was asked to carry out research and to prepare a detailed report on the opportunities for hotel investment in four West and Central African countries, namely Chad, Guinea (Conakry), Liberia and Togo. The objective was to determine whether the IFC should undertake an Investment Generation progra

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mme in one or more of the countries, within which they would seek and attract international private sector investors to the hotel industry.

We visited each country, and held a series of meetings with representatives of public and private sector organisations in the hotel and tourism industry – Ministries, hotel owners, tourism boards, banks and others. We also spoke with potential investors, inside and outside each country, and conducted a survey of hotel operators and investors concerning their perception of each country, and their future intentions there.

After a four month research and analysis programme, our report was submitted to and accepted by the IFC. They are now proposing Investment Generation programmes to two of the four countries surveyed, based on our recommendations.

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Africa_mapW Hospitality Group has worked on hundreds of projects across Africa, with organisations such as Beneficial Life in Cameroon, ENYI in Ethiopia, GLAHCO in Ghana, MITC in Malawi and Opulent Hotels in Tanzania and Zanzibar, as well as Silverbird, Oceanview, Churchgate, Cosmopolitan, Imani and others in Nigeria.

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We Provide a Complete Range of Services to Investors in the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Industries.

We specialise in the provision of advisory services to the hotel, tourism and leisure industries, providing a full range of services to our clients who have investments in the sector, or who are looking to enter them through development, acquisition or other means.In sub-Saharan Africa we are regarded as the market leader due to the market and financial expertise of our staff (all of whom have worked in the industries they now consult to), our worldwide knowledge, and our commitment to our clients.

Our team has experience of more than 80 countries worldwide including 30 in Africa, both developed and developing, and at all market levels, from deluxe hotels to roadside lodges, exclusive health clubs to public recreation facilities, and from the master planning of thousand hectare sites to the best use of city blocks.

Our clients include most of the major international hotel companies, as well as multilateral funding agencies, financial institutions and governments, national and international corporations and individual entrepreneurs.

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