serv_1 .The sooner the operator is on board, the better. The international operators have specific requirements regarding the design of the hotel, which need to be taken into consideration now, rather than incurring the expenses later of changing what has been built. Domestic operators tend to be less prescriptive in their requirements. We advise on the choice between domestic and international operators, and help to implement the decision.

It is likely that the concept design and preliminary costings are prepared out before the operator is signed up. We can provide input on the design, to derive a concept that will be acceptable to most operators, and that will be more efficient to operate.

In addition to the design reviews, we can stay involved after the selection of the operator, and during the construction phase, as project coordinator, acting as the Owner’s Representative at site and project meetings, and undertaking the selection and procurement of FF & E and other materials. We also oversee the activities of the operator, to ensure compliance with their contract and with the Owner’s objectives. And we are there as an information resource for the Owner to tap into.

Once the hotel is open, we provide asset management services, which ensure that the Owner’s investment goals are being met by providing the information tools required to make appropriate decisions and ensuring that the property is managed and maintained as an investment in accordance with the Owner’s expectations regarding financial returns, value creation and maintenance, and financial risk mitigation.