w-hospitalitygroup_1We specialise in the provision of advisory services in the hotel, real estate, tourism and leisure industries to investors in the sector, or who are looking to enter them through development, acquisition and, or other means.

We are regarded as the market leader in Sub-Saharan Africa due to the market and financial expertise of our staff, our worldwide knowledge, and our commitment to our clients. Our team has experience in more than 80 countries worldwide including 38 in Africa, both developed and developing, and at all market levels, from deluxe hotels to roadside lodges, exclusive health clubs to public recreation facilities, and from the master planning of thousand hectare sites to the best use of city blocks.

Our clientèle ranges from major international hotel companies, to multilateral funding agencies as well as financial institutions and governments, national and international corporations and individual entrepreneurs.

In normal circumstances the process of developing a hotel follows a logical sequence:

  • Secure the title to the site.
  • Conduct a market and financial analysis of the project.
  • Obtain concept design from an architect.
  • Obtain costing for the project from quantity surveyor.
  • Conduct investment appraisal, and adjust design if necessary.
  • Engage hotel Management Company.
  • Prepare detailed design.
  • Secure planning consent.
  • Secure funding.
  • Tender the construction contract.
  • Fit-out and commissioning.
  • Pre-opening.
  • Opening

This is a relatively simple model of the hotel development process, and in reality several of the steps will run concurrently, rather than consecutively as shown.

Consultancy Services: Our services include:


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